In my last post I wrote about the legendary Lisette pants made in Montreal and endorsed by Oprah among a host of other celebrities. Here’s what happened since. I had ordered 36 pair that arrived a week last Friday. I chided myself for ordering way too many pants all at once – who was going to buy them all? A week later we had only 6 pair left. Practically everyone who tried them on said WOW! and bought at least one pair. So I did another crazy thing and ordered 60 more. They arrived late yesterday – Tuesday. By the end of today – Wednesday, we have sold 15 pair.  Ladies, these pants really are amazing! Claudia, the writer and our staff member immediately bought a pair and said “it feels like two hands holding up my butt.” They slim your torso, elongate your legs and make you look ten pounds lighter. And they are super comfortable and easy to care for and travel with. We have them in sizes 2 – 16 in navy, beige, khaki, black, denim, white and dark red. Come in and give them a try. And if you love them they cost only $95.00. See the post below for the full back story.


But that’s not all. Just in time to complement those pants we received a gorgeous collection of tops by Leo Guy, Paris. They are pretty, colourful, feminine, and well priced – in a wide range of sizes.

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A few new pieces from Sandwich have arrived as well as a sprinkling from a lovely new collection by Metallicus – brush strokes of impressionist colours on draped and sculptured silhouettes. And if you’re looking for jeans – we have a new group from Yoga along with the best fitting denim jackets I have seen.


Shop early for the best selection. We’re waiting for you!

Late last January I read an article in the Globe and Mail titled A PERFECT FIT, How Oprah’s approval gave pants maker a leg up  I was preparing for my buying trip and quickly looked up the company in Montreal and made an appointment to see their line.  In February I saw the collection and placed an order for spring delivery. TODAY – Friday, April 10, my order arrived. Within an hour I had already sold three pair. Ladies, they really are amazing! Come in soon while we have your size and favourite colour. But not to worry we will order more very soon.

Here’s the best news of all. They cost less than $100!

Lisette Pants




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