We love Thanksgiving weekend most of all when our babies come home to celebrate. My wonderful daughter Dana came from Toronto and had a great reunion with her best friend from J.H. Gillis High – Shelley MacDonald. If you haven’t heard already Shelley’s jewellery business in the Yukon reached new heights when Kate Middleton purchased her Ulu earrings last year during the Royals Canadian visit. We now have a full collection of Shelley’s work including the Ulu earrings.

Kate Middleton

Gorgeous fall collections are rolling in now – Aventure des Toiles, Lauren Vidal, InWear to name a few. It’s only going to get colder – and cozier. Get in the mood at Aphrodite!

Take a nice fall drive to Aphrodite on the shores of the town of Pictou. We’ll be waiting for you with the best of autumn colours and textures.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday – 11 am to 5 pm


Sweater Weather is Here!


Nights are getting cooler but still not as cool as in northern Europe. Our models here can attest to that because that’s where they’re from. These fabulous women are Rotarians who came to the Pictou shores for a visit all the way from Estonia and Finland. We hosted a small reception for them at Aphrodite and they were delighted to model some of our new fall sweaters and coats. They were joined by one of our own – Amanda MacIntosh from Pictou. Here they all are…..


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Come and see for yourself! Aphrodite is transitioning beautifully for the fall.

And it’s not too late to take advantage of some great summer discounts as our new friends found out.