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Cinderella returns to heavy toil the night after the ball but some things aren’t quite right. The Fairy Godmother is mildly challenged on her spells and can’t seem to lose the beautiful ball gown. Suspecting trivial behaviour the evil boss  appears to make sure the heavy work gets done. (Please do not try to purchase her beautiful green dress – there can only be one.) The story unravels as you place your cursor over each photo. They all do live happily ever after…. somehow. Except the cat …. and evil Grizabella. And yes, with her gone the dress can be bought.

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Montreal on Centre Stage

Canadians are stealing the show with fine tailoring, unpredictable twists on traditional themes and wonderful combinations of textures and patterns. In this week’s Aphrodite blog we are featuring some of our favourite designers from Montreal – Eve Gravel, Dinhba, Bodybag by Jude, Kollontai and Papillon Blanc.  In the photos Laura demonstrates the gorgeous cuts, excellent fit and delicious details that are signature traits of these wonderful designers. And we are pleasantly surprised by the reasonable price tags on these masterpieces.

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Eve Gravel

This young woman is a rising star on the Canadian fashion scene.  At age 16 she left her home in Chicoutimi to study fashion design in Ottawa and Montreal. After spending six months in Europe she returned to Montreal and in 2002 the Eve Gravel label was born. Inspired by her travels, music and street fashion, Eve Gravel’s collections reinforce her signature design duality. Her beloved chromatic trio – black, gray, white – flirts more colourful shades as easily in summer as it does in winter and always demonstrated a clever combination of structure, volume and fluidity. As feminine as they are tomboy – like the designer herself – each season showcases pieces inspired by retro and contemporary looks that reach out and touch those who wear them, consequently accompanying the wearer perfectly in her day to day activities. Just like a song where every note is essential to the melody, each piece of every Eve Gravel collection works in harmony to compose the score to our femininity.  Deeply involved in Quebec’s cultural scene, Eve Gravel outfits and styles several celebrities and artists including Norah Jones.


Born in Saigon, Dinh bá came to Montreal at the age of eight. From an early age, he was very artistic, and loved drawing, and entered the world of fabrics and garments while helping his seamstress mother. In time, he mastered garment creation and quickly became a true fashion couturier. In 2000, he completed his College Degree in fashion design at Lasalle College in Montreal. From the beginning of his college training, he was recognized both for his originality and his classical style. In 1998, he represented Canada in the renouned Concours Jeune Créateur International in Paris, where he was a finalist – three times – for excellence mode jeune designer. And he stood out in Montreal in 1999, where he was first runner-up in the competition for the opening of the Simons store. His career is punctuated with successes, as he set his sights on winning every contest he entered. His determination, and his high personal standards are traits which set him apart. Dinh Bá can now take pride in holding an esteemed position in the world of fashion, and truly holds his own among many renowned design houses. With an assurance and maturity Dinh Bá Design launches into the market for the  sophisticated businesswoman. Now, with exciting  new collections bringing glowing reviews, Dinh Bá continues to shine and surprise.


Kollontaï is the fashion label of Gabrielle Tousignant and a workshop employing over twenty people who share a passion for made-in-Canada fashion apparel! From the first creative impulse to the final stitch, all stages of the design and manufacturing process take place in the Montréal-based workshop.Wishing to create avant-garde clothing, Tousignant chose for her brand a name just like her future creations: Kollontaï (surname of a Russian feminist revolutionary, Alexandra Kollontaï). Mixing colors and textures, Kollontaï clothing addresses for all women, even if the majority of them are between 20 and 45 years.

Each garment combines uniqueness, aesthetic appeal, comfort, and quality. The rich interplay of colors, textures, transparencies and lace create a distinctive style inspired by lingerie. The intricately made creations are designed to fit feminine forms and meet the needs of women who have the desire to feel good in their clothes while keeping a touch of originality.

Bodybag by Jude

After studying communication at UQAM University in Montreal and thanks to numerous fates Judith Desjardins drives towards her first passion of fashion design. In 1998, she set up her business and launched the line BODYBAG by Jude. The label is a reflection on life and death, the ephemeral nature of the existence. It is a hymn to life which seeks to appreciate the the present moment and the beauty that surrounds us. The logo of the brand, refers to a DNA chain which underlines the uniqueness of each person and the clothes she wears. Visionary and audacious, Judith Desjardins is a businesswoman who has been noticed on the North American market with BODYBAG by Jude in various shows, such as during her first participation at the MAGIC show in Las Vegas where she won the WWDMAGIC Booth award, in the category « innovator » for her concept of booth design. During the Fashion Week of Montreal, the parades of BODYBAG are always the most popular.

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