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I had a great experience last Friday night, October 19, when I accompanied my dear friend Amy Melmock to the opening night of a new play at the Neptune Theatre (which she is the general manager of). It’s a play called BINGO by our own Daniel MacIvor. Emmy Alcorn is in one of the starring roles and she is hilarious.  You may remember seeing her modelling for us in the Marching Right into Fall photo essay. So before I left town to drive to Halifax Amy called and said – “I’m in fashion crisis – can you bring me something to wear for opening night? ” So I brought her a couple of pieces and she chose Dinbha’s fabulous tunic top that she paired with her own flowy palazzo pants. Fabulous!

The play was absolutely wonderful – a warm and funny comedy about the night before when five high school friends come back to Sydney for their 30th year high school reunion. It was first produced by the Mulgrave Road Theatre and has since appeared across Canada to rave reviews in the Globe and Mail and elsewhere including the Chronicle Herald http://thechronicleherald.ca/artslife/151867-bingo-is-a-wonderful-present-from-macivor

It’s so with the trip to Halifax to see this terrific play!

I stayed for the party afterwards and there was Emmy in all her glory wearing another little Aphrodite number by Aventure des Toiles. I only had my phone camera so I apologize for the quality but check out our little goddesses doing my Aphrodite heart proud!

Emmy and playwright Daniel MacIvor welcome the crowd to his new comedy hit BINGO on now at the Neptune Theatre.

Emmy schmoozing with Neptune Board Chair Rob Batherson at the opening night.

Emmy and Amy both addressed the full house crowd welcoming them to the opening night of Bingo.

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Sandwich is a clothing line from the Netherlands that is  loved and worn by women around the world.  It has evolved naturally from a fledgling fashion label into a dynamic, international brand due to its commercial appeal with unique design slant. It has no boundaries – embraced by women of all backgrounds and ages, it shares with them an authentic outlook on life. This outlook is timeless. Timelessness is a bridge between past and present. It is found in a moment, one that stays with us. It is seen in those special relationships that evolve over time as with friends, family or loved ones. What we wear can reflect our outlook on life. It can be the start of a new way of living, or an appreciation of old ways. Sandwich believes, and the women who wear us know, to appreciate life we don’t have to look far. Beauty is everywhere, we only have to see it.

With the Sandwich line, there are many variations on a theme. Three or four pieces in a colour range can create multiple looks taking your wardrobe from a day at the office to the weekend in the country and throughout the season. At Aphrodite our experienced sales staff will show you how to assemble the pieces that are right for you. What is most pleasing is the value you get for your dollar. Sandwich prices range from $45.00 to under $200. You will be amazed at how affordable your new fall wardrobe can be! Here is a sampling of the Sandwich collection at Aphrodite as worn by Robyn Thaler Hickey and photographed by Tiiu Poder.

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The Design Philosophy

Sandwich is fashion to be worn in the everyday. Like the everyday, it has surprise and beauty layered within. This everyday beauty outlook is understood with clothes that place importance on style that’s authentic, down-to-earth but still engrained with extraordinary elements, just like life.

Sandwich designers know that the unexpected element is very important. Life’s surprises – those things that happen while we’re busy making other plans. Each Sandwich piece has intricate and surprising details called ‘the Sandwich Twist’ that reflect this. Whether a ruched stitch, an asymmetrical hem, or an innovative tailored tweak, the Sandwich Twist brings to each piece the individuality and uniqueness of life itself. From the outset Henriëtte and her design team have used thoroughly researched and innovative techniques to realize this everyday beauty philosophy. They still use these, together with quality fabrics, dyes and yarns to create clothes that remain from day to night, season to season, year on year, surprising.

The Sandwich design philosophy is simple: every day and every moment should be lived to the full in clothes that are there with us. Life is full of colour and beauty, every day.

The Sandwich Story

In the late 197o’s Willem Veldhoven and Henriëtte Daniels began creating a unique women’s fashion label.Very soon Sandwich wearers made clear that Henriette and Willem were onto something. The surprising design, amazing value and timeless style became engrained in the hearts and minds of all those who wore it. The birth of the Sandwich label was a natural progression in 1983, as was a very loyal following.

The design team pushed innovative approaches to materials, colours and design, and distilled these into the everyday beauty of each piece. To this day, the focus is on quality ingredients, materials and fabrics put together in a stylish and surprising way. Sandwich production takes place in house, so every step in the process is carefully overseen, from the first stitch of an idea, to distribution and sales across the globe. The resulting standards of design and manufacture are very, very high. Sandwich women not only understand and value this quality, it keeps them coming back season after season. It’s no surprise that a growing number of Sandwich women continue to realize, and appreciate, how Sandwich fits perfectly into their everyday lives.

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