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Spring has finally hatched and I guess it’s time to take down our fancy white Christmas tree from the window. But wait until you see what’s inside. Our little town of Antigonish is now known for having one of the ladies boutiques in Atlantic Canada! Inside the grand old house we occupy on Main Street you will find a great selection of everything from casual jeans to evening gowns. In between is great sportswear, snappy outfits for the office and gorgeous dresses to wear to special occasions like weddings – especially if you are the mother of the bride or groom! We have a great selection of all sizes and this spring you will find lots amazing European fashions in sizes up to 18. Simply said there’s just no place like Aphrodite if you want to look sensational this spring!

Now here’s some news from the front lines…..


I knew Sandwich was an important line for our Aphrodite clients when I first saw it. The Sandwich brand has been at the top of the charts in Europe for many years and now they are holding the number one spot in the UK.This is a page from Drapers magazine quoting Sandwich as the number one women’s brand.

Sandwich  Drapers_Feb13_-_Fashion_Lounge

The designs are colourful and playful and every piece has unpredictable details, is made from wonderful fabrics  in the highest quality yet at moderate prices. Sandwich delivers in four cycles during the spring so our collections are always fresh. And we now know that our customers love it! As a result we have built the best collection of Sandwich anywhere in Atlantic Canada. Be sure to shop early for the best selection. Have a look at the attitude for Sandwich Spring:

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This time from our JEWELLERY DESIGNERS

Three of our Aphrodite jewellers have been up to a lot of interesting things of late.  In this post I’d like to tell you about Dorothee Rosen, Designer Goldsmith; Monica Graves – Glamjulz and Clare Bridge – each one very different in their design perspectives – but all gloriously wonderful creators.

Dorothee Rosen 

Dorothee operates her studio out of Halifax. Our customers will recognize her iconic one to three footer rings in gold and silver and her one meter bangles. Here’s what the senior editor of the prestigious JCK trade magazine had to say about Dorothee’s work at the recent Philadelphia Buyers Market where Dorothee exhibited her work.

5 Designers I Loved at Buyers Market of American Craft and globalDESIGN

Onefooter rings and Onemeter bangle

Dorothee’s iconic Onefooter rings and Onemeter bangle

By Jennifer Heebner, Senior Editor. Over the Feb. 16–18 weekend, I made it to the American Made Show, organized by the Buyers Market of American Craft, and globalDESIGN, a well-edited show of high-end designers run by the Jewelers Resource Bureau. Both shows ran in Philadelphia (my hometown), and between the two of them, they featured more than 300 jewelry designers. Lots of exhibitors at the American Made Show featured clever styles in silver, while nearly all vendors at globalDESIGN were high-end lines of karat gold and platinum. While I was wowed by many selections, here are five vendors whose works I particularly enjoyed.

Dorothée Rosen at the AMS: I love her Onefooter rings in silver and karat gold—one-foot lengths of metal wire forged into continuous loops. They’re simple and sculptural, and the aesthetic carries over effortlessly into rings, earrings, pendants, and necklaces. Rosen, a German transplant to Canada, has only a handful of U.S. accounts (including the Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery in Seattle), so discover her before your competitors do.

Monical Graves

Monica makes bright colourful multi-strand necklaces that add more than a punch of colour to any outfit. It’s creative, happy and fun!

Monica's famous ten strand necklace. It comes in umpteen colours!

Monica’s famous ten strand necklace. It comes in umpteen colours!

Monica used to be in management for Canada Post until she discovered beads and today she runs a successful atelier in Burlington Ontario.  Her work is worn by many celebrities and is regularly featured in Canada’s fashion magazines. Monica was just featured on breakfast television where she demonstrates and talks about her work. Watch the video and learn how many ways her “julz” can be worn and find our who is wearing them. See http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151552968595610

Clare Bridge

Clare lives in nearby Tracadie where she creates stunning sculptural jewellery that is worn as statement pieces.

Bronze cuff of child's shoe from the wreckage of the Titanic

Bronze cuff of child’s shoe from the wreckage of the Titanic

Recently her work was accepted into the very prestigious Ganoskin Project. As the world’s largest jewelry related internet site, Ganoksin strives to develop exhibitions showcasing work from around the world. Participants are from The Netherlands, the USA, Canada, Australia, Costa Rica, the United Kingdom, Israel, Hong Kong, Colombia, Romania, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia and Denmark.  Clare was chosen as one of the total 319 artists who contributed 729 show pieces for the permanent online exhibition.

The piece that Clare entered is a a cuff featuring a bronzed child’s shoe that was found in the wreckage of the Titanic, This award winning piece has drawn international attention and acclaim for Clare and her exquisite work.

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Feast your eyes on this sneak preview!

Just before leaving for my recent fall buying trip in Montreal and Toronto my daughter Dana came for a visit. Minoli’s daughter Claire is also in town with her husband and new baby boy. They both joined Cori and Laura for a photo shoot at the store to give you a sneak preview of all of the gorgeous new spring collections that are arriving daily at Aphrodite. We have included style numbers and prices in the event you fall in love with something and would like to order it online. Just phone us at 902.863-0606 and let us know what you’re interested in. We’ll mail it out to you asap. But do come in – it’s worth the trip wherever you are! This spring is better than ever as we aim to bring you the best of the best. Right here in Antigonish!

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