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Master Artisan and Inspired Designer

This past summer (ah it is past now isn’t it?) Sandra Bauer visited us at Aphrodite and invited me to their home to view Peter Bauer’s jewellery. Now I have known about this legendary designer almost since I first moved to Nova Scotia almost 20 years ago but we had never formally met. The other week I took up Sandra’s offer and drove to Cape Breton where I turned off the 105 Hwy just past the Seal Island Bridge into Boularderie Centre. I was warmly greeted in their beautiful century home surrounded by gardens of bonsai trees that Peter also cultivates. I knew that Peter had such a following that he sold his work directly to his admiring customers and collectors so when Peter and Sandra offered their collection to Aphrodite to carry in our jewellery gallery I was honoured and thrilled. I knew this would be a major development for Aphrodite and would further establish us a serious gallery for fine artisinal jewellery.

This Sunday, September 29 at our Shaking Conventions event  at the Old Barn Gallery in Pomquet we will launch the Pete Bauer collection. The majority of the fashions you will see in our fashion show will be adorned by his work.  We are unbelievably excited by this opportunity. For event details see  https://aphroditeartandfashion.com/2013/09/18/shaking-conventions/

If you don’t know about Peter Bauer here’s why he’s so revered in his field:

Peter Bauer in his studio

Peter Bauer in his studio

Silver artist Peter Bauer is an award-winning Master Artisan with the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council and a juried member and instructor at the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design. The son of a talented designer, Peter grew up in a central European town steeped in jewelry-making tradition. He completed extensive metalworking and art courses at the University of Vienna, where he earned two engineering degrees. He holds a masters degree in physics from Cambridge University, England.

From his workshop on Cape Breton Island, Peter is within easy reach of sweeping natural vistas and landscapes that are his inspiration. His limitless imagination and passion for discovery are what drive his compelling designs and sensuous textures. His continuous experimentation is fueled by an insatiable curiosity to know “…what happens if?….” Wildly exciting and always wearable, Peter’s jewellery  has been exhibited in galleries in Canada and the US. His work is included in prestigious private collections around the world. His book, Uncommon Jewellery-Making Techniques, provides illustrated tips on complex skills for advanced jewellery makers.

This is a sampling of the work you will see at the new Peter Bauer gallery at Aphrodite:

Bauer 25 Bauer 24 Bauer 23 Bauer 22 Bauer 21 Bauer 20 Bauer 19 Bauer 18 Bauer 17 Bauer 16 Bauer 15 Bauer 14 Bauer 13 Bauer 12 Bauer 11 Bauer 10 Bauer 9 Bauer 8 Bauer 7 Bauer 6 Bauer 5 Bauer 4 Bauer 3 Bauer 2 Bauer 1 Bauer 26

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Aphrodite recently became an authorized dealer for Desigual, a wild collection from Spain that is recognized and in demand all over the world. Here’s what they have to say…..

DESIGUAL! Creating positive emotions through original, colorful, quality clothing for everyone, with a mission: to share joy, a love of life and a slightly unconventional spirit.

Desigual flagship store in Barcelona

Desigual flagship store in Barcelona

Desigual, a Spanish company with its headquarters in Barcelona, is characterized by its distinct, optimistic and colourful designs. The company began operating under the slogan ‘Desigual, it’s not the same’ in 1984, when Thomas Meyer, the founder and president of Desigual, visualised a future in which people could dress differently in fun and fresh clothing at affordable prices.

“La Vida es Chula” has been Desigual’s slogan since the beginning. This is the brand’s battle cry, an enthusiastic, stimulating, positive, optimistic slogan and a true declaration of intent. The slogan reflects Desigual’s way of thinking that is inevitably influenced by the Mediterranean, the sun, light, passion and a lust for life. A philosophy of life that reflects a way of dressing: fun, fresh, original and always instilled with a happy, playful and creative attitude. Be confident, don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Here’s what we have to say….

Nevermind, the pics in the slide show will tell the story. Note that they represent only a smattering of all that we have. The collection is just fabulous! Wait ’til you see the handbags!

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You’ll see more Desigual at our upcoming fashion show event this Sunday September 29 at the Old Barn Gallery in Pomquet between 2 and 4 pm (roughly – but don’t be late) You won’t want to miss any part of the show! See our earlier post titled SHAKING CONVENTIONS! for more details.

We are bringing the world to your doorstep in wee little Antigonish!

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