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We’re inviting you to 



SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 12-4pm                                                                                 

featuring Perfumes of Peace – 7 Virtues CEO, Barb Stegemann returns to Aphrodite


Come and meet Barb Stegemann between 2 and 4pm – sample her beautiful line of 7 Virtues fragrances  and hear the amazing story behind them. See http://www.the7virtues.com

Additional in-person presentations by celebrated jewellers Clare Bridge, Dorothee Rosen and artisan Lisa Nishi will add another dimension to the event. Enjoy this unique opportunity to hear the story behind their amazing creations

And we will offer 10% discount on all jewellery this day only! –

Afternoon tea and cakes will be served.

Special bonus downtown offer on this date: Afterwards plan to have dinner at The Townhouse between 4 and 6 pm and enjoy a special Aphrodite dessert designed just for this event.  More details to follow. Check them out https://www.facebook.com/AntigonishTownhouse

Now here’s the skinny on our guests:


We’ll let her awards tell the story of this remarkable woman and her 7 Virtues Fragrances:

·        Top game changer in the history of CBC’s Dragons’ Den

·        Named one of Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 award in the    Trailblazers and Trendsetters category

·        Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Emerging Entrepreneur    category

·        The 7 Virtues fragrance wins Chatelaine Beauty 100 award

·        Profit Magazine’s Top 30 Entrepreneurs

·        Chatelaine Woman of the Year Award

·        Women’s Innovator Award, US Department of State 

·         First Female Hon Colonel 14 Wing Greenwood Canadian Forces Base

Not bad for a girl from Antigonish!




Clare Bridge


Clare Bridge’s initial collaboration of art and nature was shaped by her Quaker education in New York. Early on she developed a keen understanding of the simplicity of form and design. In college, majoring in fine art, she was initially drawn to painting with acrylics. However after moving to Maine in 1973, her desire to express strong colours and textures led her to mixed media, incorporating glass, metal and recycled elements. Clare incorporated organic tones of her mixed media discipline into jewellery designs. And so evolved her “wearable sculptures” inspired by her now Nova Scotia home with its profusion of organic coastal offerings.

Lisa Nishi

Lisa Nishi in hat she designed

Lisa Nishi studied Fine Art at Washington University in St. Louis, Advanced Textile Design at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax, and Fashion Design at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Her work has been in Vogue Magazine and on the cover of Neiman Marcus, ‘The Book’.  Her work has been sold in New York, London, and Paris and is currently on offer at The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax and The Museum of Natural History, Manhattan. Nature has always been the starting point for her designs. Cape Breton Island serves as a rich source of inspiration. “The fishermen here taught me how to knit nets and so I made a mermaid dress from actual lobster twine.”

Dorothee Rosen

picture of dorothee rosenDorothée was born in Germany and immigrated to Canada in 1989 at the age of 19. In 2005, she graduated from NSCAD University with a major in jewellery design and metalsmithing, and a minor in art history (focus craft). Recipient of various awards and scholarships, Dorothée showed outstanding achievements in her studies at NSCAD, and continues to participate in exhibitions in Canada and the US. Dorothée creates in her studio in Halifax. Her work is available at her studio, or through several galleries in North America.

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Manitobah Mukluks

The tradition lives on at Aphrodite

We are so proud to introduce the arrival of Manitobah Mukluks designed by the Canadian Metis. Through this company they continue a tradition dating back to the early 1600’s when the North American fur trade spawned the birth of a new people called the Metis. Throughout history Canada’s first peoples wore mukluks and moccasins made from the hides of the animals that sustained them. When the Europeans arrived the Metis taught them how to survive in the harsh winters and kept them alive with their traditions including their garments and footwear.

We have much to be grateful for to the First Nations people and we support them in their efforts to survive a new kind of reality that was imposed by the domination of European settlers. As John Ralston Saul asserted Canada is a Metis nation. http://reviewcanada.ca/magazine/2009/04/are-we-a-mtis-nation/

One success story comes out of Manitoba with Metis siblings Sean and Heather McCormick who established a trading post in Winnipeg where Aboriginal artists trade handmade mukluks and moccasins for the McCormick’s tanned leather skins and furs. In 1997 the McCormick’s registered a Canadian corporation and began manufacturing Aboriginal footwear. Today, they continue this tradition by combining the craftsmanship an artistry of their ancestors with modern materials to create truly timeless footwear that’s as functional as it is beautiful – stitch by stitch, bead by bead. A great boost to their image came when celebrities such as Kate Moss began wearing their mukluks:

manitoba 18

The story continues . Have a look.

Every Manitobah product comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that outlines the role of Aboriginal companies within Canada’s economic landscape. It’s a reminder to each Manitobah customer that they have helped support a certified Aboriginal owned business.

manitoba 14Now have a look at some of the mukluks that you can find at Aphrodite. We are in love with them! Prices range from $195 to $250.

manitoba 4manitoba 3 manitoba 2 manitoba 1

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