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It Happened!

Ladies and Gentlemen….

The Antigonish Culture Alive Event!

Friday, December 13, 2013

This woman has many sides!

There’s a fabulous energy in Antigonish expressed by a new generation of the young creative class who are taking some of their cues from the generation that has kept the arts alive since they were the same age. The ACA is their common cause – they are the believers in our arts and culture and they work tirelessly to keep it alive. Last Friday night they all came together to put on a spirited event that used our downtown as their artistic palette. Local clothiers and jewellers offered up their wares to the discretion of the artists and supporters who chose what they wanted to wear and how to wear it.  Thirteen models  put on an unforgettable show on Friday the 13th in 2013, at the Legion to a delighted audience.  Nothing unlucky about that day – except for those who missed it.

Have a look:

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An acknowledgement goes out to everyone involved:

Performers: Alain LeBlanc, Liliona Quarmyne, John Chiasson MC

Clothing and Jewellery: Botica, Unique Boutique, Aphrodite, Retooled Designs and Anna Panagopoulous.

Organizers and Contributors: Brenda Brown, Sam Kalman, Minoli Amit, volunteers of the Board of ACA

PS. If I missed anyone let me know – plus if you’re reading this and have some more pics – send them to me and I will add them to mine in the slide show . Otherwise please send us your comments.

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Dear Friends

Due to the heavy weather today – Sunday Dec. 15, Aphrodite will not open. Instead, I will prepare a new post featuring photos from the great ACA event last Friday. Stay tuned – and stay warm and cozy today. Gotta love that white stuff!



This time Aphrodite has very little to do with the upcoming fashion show and event. We have opened our door to about a dozen artists who are creating their own fashion compositions from fashion retailers Aphrodite, Botica and the Unique Boutique. The last few days we’ve had a flurry of activity in the store starting with piles of garments (artist materials) accumulated in the dressing rooms by the artists (the artist’s studio) – followed by the trying on and selection process ( planning the composition) to the accessorizing (finishing touches). Even I was amazed by the groupings they created – they are way more original and expressive than anything we could come up with. It doesn’t end there. The music track for the show was expertly prepared by music aficionado Sam Kalman who will also do some DJ spinning at the event and to top it off we’ll have live dance and music performances by Lilliona Quarmyne and Alain LeBlanc. Don’t miss this very unique and original event planned by Antigonish Culture Alive – our regional arts council dedicated to promoting the extraordinary talent and culture of our town.

Don’t miss it! It will be the place this season to see and be seen!

Details below….

ACA Event Dec. 13

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