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Our new spring collections are arriving daily!  Aphrodite is transformed into a garden of colour and texture from some of the top clothing makers in the world! Here’s a peek at what has been coming in….

We have just received a new shipment of SYMPLI – a fabulous collection designed and made in Vancouver. We now have a gorgeous array of spring colours to mix and match in unpredicable shades. Have a look at this video to get the gyst of the line.

Check out the new knits from REPEAT a luxurious knitwear line from Germany. Indulgence is what REPEAT is all about. Soft and comforting and made only from the best natural fibers. Wearing a REPEAT sweater is like wearing a hug. It envelops your skin in soft,elegant luxury, giving you a warm inner glow – the ultimate seduction for your skin.


LAUREN VIDAL Spring 2014 has arrived as well.  It is the signature collection of Parisian, Revital Vidal.  LAUREN VIDAL presents pure-lined, creative innocative style that gives the brand a comfortable ease, elegance, and subtlety.  Her highly feminine, relaxed, and contemporary outfits combine  fullness and femininity, minimalism and glamour.


The first SANDWICH group has also arrived. Sandwich is fashion to be worn in the everyday. Like the everyday, it has surprise and beauty layered within. This everyday beauty outlook is characterised with clothes that place importance on style that’s authentic, down-to-earth but still engrained with extraordinary elements, just like life.

SandwichCome on in to Aphrodite and get your first breath of SPRING!

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Aphrodite held its first Outlet Store Sale in the town of Pictou this past weekend of February 21 – 23 and by all accounts it was a great success!


We can’t thank our hosts enough for all they did to help make it happen. They are Irene Szabla and Rob Christie who recently bought and refurbished The Olde Foundry Gallery on Front Street in Pictou. We’d also like to thank Mother Nature for giving us a glorious sunny and mild weekend! Here’s a peek at what went on at the sale.

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We’ll be doing more Outlet Sales around the province.  Stay tuned!

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