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I’ve just returned from the last leg of my Fall 2014 buying trip and this time I thought I would tell you about it. I like to joke that these trips are like going to the casino and rolling the dice – because one can never know exactly what will sell and what won’t.

Annie Thompson and me. She's an amazing Toronto based designer whose work we will soon be carrying.

Annie Thompson and me. She’s an amazing Toronto based designer whose work we will soon be carrying.


I started my buying trip in early February in Toronto at the Mode Accessories Show and the By Hand Show. There I found some very cool new jewellers and makers of accessories and handcrafts to complement the store. Then I flew to Montreal to book with established suppliers and to explore some new options. I was knocked out by what I found and am sharing with you a very small sampling in the slide show below.  At the end of February I headed to Toronto for an intensive seven days of showroom meetings and to attend the Profile clothing wholesale show in the middle of that week. Antigonish native, now turned fashion professional in Toronto – Sarah MacKenna joined me for the two days of the Profile Show. Together we viewed dozens of collections and agreed on some awesome choices for Aphrodite. We had so much fun deliberating and philosophizing on fashion in general and how it connects to our very special customer base in Antigonish – fast becoming the fashion mecca of the Maritimes – or so we like to think. After our first two years in business I feel I have a better grasp on our customer base and I wanted to expand our reach to make sure we are bringing in the best of the best. As a result I viewed over 50 collections – continued with some – parked some others and found some jaw dropping new ones. Every piece and size and colour was carefully hand picked often with certain clients in mind and often because I just fell in love with a piece with hopes that someone else will too.

One of the most common remarks we hear at Aphrodite is “Everything is so different!” I take that as a positive because I feel that our society as a whole is increasingly blending into a sea of mediocrity where everything starts to look the same – driven by mass profit and efficiency. Retail is driven by mega franchises that are delivering huge volumes of the same clothing to points around the world. You will literally find the same thing at Zara or H&M in Stockholm as you will in Calgary. Instead at Aphrodite we are holding true to the principle of the boutique – a small shopping outlet that specializes in beautiful and elite clothing. We are unique for the choices that are made and the styles that we carry. No one dictates what we carry or promote except you, the customer – and – well me – because I really like it. While we can’t be everything for everyone, we can satisfy the needs of a discerning woman who knows quality and loves fashion.

Please enjoy your glimpse into the fall season for 2014 and know that a similar process was employed last August when I booked all of the fabulous new fashions that are now flowing into Aphrodite daily. We have already sold out of some items – remember we seldom bring in more that 3 or 4 pieces of any style. And while I’m at it I have to tell you about the new arrival of Sympli in sumptuous colours and cool designs all in sizes 16 and 18. It’s a great time to escape into an early spring remembering that spring is only a few weeks away and maybe knowing a little bit more about what makes Aphrodite tick.

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