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Big Man, Big Art

I had the pleasure of a visit from my old friend Alan Syliboy this past Wednesday.  Many of you know Alan as one of Canada’s top First Nations artists and may be familiar with his work.  He hails from Indian Brook First Nations in Truro and displays his work locally at the Down to Earth Gallery in Antigonish. You can see his large commission at the People’s Place Library and his new mural at the Halifax Airport.

Below are some photos of Alan’s paintings. Many of his new works are on drums, some big, some small. One of my favorite paintings is one he did of a white moose in honour of the one that was shot by a hunter  in Nova Scotia not so long ago – who apologized once he understood the gravity of his action.

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And here is Alan at my house after we shared a great dinner. Alan and I go way back to our NSCAD days in the mid nineties when I was gainfully employed there. Since that time we’ve shared many great experiences including an international cultural conference in Paris in 2004 where we may have been a touch irreverent – but that’s the east coast in us. Alan’s son Evan even lived at my house as a student of the StFX jazz program and has gone on to play in the band called Lone Cloud with his father. They won an ECMA in 2013. Check them out on Facebook here.

Alan Syliboy at my house on Wednesday night


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April storm 2

Oh yes, Laura and I did manage to make it in  to the store – but once we got there we decided it wasn’t a good idea to stay. It’s not like anyone was waiting to shop for spring clothes. So with NuKhalu in tow we headed back to Lanark. Good old Hazel (my Honda CRV) made it all the way – almost – until just before the driveway I ploughed into the first of several 4 ‘ snow drifts. In the big whiteout no one saw it coming (so it wan’t just me). Shovelling was not an option – we’d have been there until May – but our wonderful neighbours came to the call with not one – but two trucks. Thanks to Roger, Caleb and Ian who shovelled and ploughed until they were able to pull Hazel out from behind. Once we were out of the way in Uli’s driveway they finished the job and we drove safely into the driveway of home. Laura lives nearby so she came over and we actually did some work but not before we ate some freshly baked croissants in front of the fire. Not a bad day after all. Thanks again to my wondeful neighbours. I know they secretly liked doing the rescue – otherwise why would they have such big honkin’ trucks!

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