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Terry, Jeannie, Don and Wayne

Terry, Jeannie, Don and Wayne

On Monday May 5 I arrived in downtown Annapolis Royal where I was met by my new best friends Jeannie and Don Allen thanks to the introduction by Wayne Boucher. Jeannie and Don ran a beautiful little shop called Charade for over 20 years and just retired this spring. They have graciously made their building available for the Aphrodite Outlet sale and I love it. Not only that but they’re helping me work the sale along with their friend Paula. We got the truck unloaded just after noon (in the pouring rain) and got to work getting everything set up. Terry Roscoe – Wayne’s way better half came to help as well. Thanks you guys!!!! We opened on the nose at 5 pm to an enthusiastic throng of women who shopped steadily right up until closing time at 9. I heard one woman exclaim to her friend “This is better than the circus coming to town”.  Today we’re there from 10 until 8 and tomorrow from 10 until 4. Then off to Yarmouth!

Here we are:

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The Aphrodite Travelling Outlet Sale is on!

On May 1, my good friend Rob Christie from the Olde Foundry Gallery came to Halifax with me to show me how to drive the big honkin’ 16′ truck I rented from O’Regans. Thanks Rob for keeping me safe and helping to load it all up with our merchandise.


No trip is complete without this stop. 003

Then on Friday May 2 Laura and I hit the road and headed for Grand Pre. The Horton Community Centre is a perfect venue, a charming old schoolhouse up a long tree lined driveway beside a vineyard.

004A good neighbour Lorne, and Craig Wood were there to help us unload.

The rain held off until the minute we finished.

040The parking lot was full of cars as customers came and went.

One more day in Grand Pre. We’ve had a terrific turnout so far from customers delighted that we’re coming to them with our superb offerings. And it’s great to see so many old friends! An especially big thanks to Amy Melmock and Craig Wood who have taken care of us since we arrived.

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Tomorrow we open in Annapolis Royal at the lovely Charade building in the heart of town. Hope to see old and new friends there!

Charades Storefront

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