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Hidden Gems


We tend to think of Antigonish as a fairly conservative town where fashion is concerned. But then every once in a while someone busts on the scene with great fashion bravado that proclaims “I am here!” Elizabeth did just that when she married into the MacGillivray clan and brought her quirky and wonderful style with her to Antigonish. She does it well; tasteful and elegant but always with some surprises – as in who wears a mink stole anymore? She pulls it off with aplomb. Everything just works! She has become a regular at Aphrodite where I have become an admirer of her style. So I asked her to make some selections from our fall collections and model them for our blog and she enthusiastically agreed. She brought along her cousin (and brother she never had) Jake Chisholm, and together we pulled off some great looks. Jake pleaded with Elizabeth to renew her vows so she could wear the beautiful ivory gown in pageantry reserved for weddings. Jake even found a great shirt and sweater for himself – check it out! I sincerely recommended to Jake that he go off to New York and start a career as a male supermodel. That happened to Rob Buckland Nick’s (Flight of Fancy, Bear River) godson Nathan Bogle http://www.bananasmodels.com/model/nathan-bogle/ who then went on to revolutionize the world of New York Fashion as co founder of Rag & Bone and now a menswear line called Jardine.

But I digress.

The real story here is about individual style. So here’s Elizabeth showing some of what’s what in her world with a little bit of help from Jake.

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Sharing the View

This Thursday, October 30, please join us at the Steinhart Distillery in Arisaig for this special event featuring the art of Jaye Ouellette.

CBC invite

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