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Beauty Never Quits!

“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable.

Style is more about being yourself.”

– Oscar de la Renta

(July 22, 1932 – October 20, 2014)

Seventy Something and Still Stylish!

A Goddess Plus comes in all sizes and is ageless. Seventy Something Judith Luther-Wilder, writer/producer and grandmother, struts her stuff when wearing Aphrodite.


Here’s what Judith so generously shared on her experience with Aphrodite:

Throughout my adult life, I have traveled for both work and pleasure to countries all over the world.  In retrospect, if I had had access to Aphrodite when packing for a glamorous city like Shanghai, a beach community like Marbella along the Costa del Sol, trendy California or even for war torn Southeast Asia, my life would have been a lot easier.  Even today, when travel is dictated more by comfort, convenience, and the need to camouflage, Aphrodite’s light and packable silk jerseys, sturdy jeans, and cozy, warm tops all work exceedingly well for someone who wants to feel “at home” in her clothes, avoid high designer prices and dry cleaning in places where dry cleaning has not yet been imagined. 

I can’t speak for all tastes and budgets but it strikes me that Aphrodite and the remarkable Tiiu Poder can meet the fashion needs for a lot of working and professional women of ALL ages who want to look great, be comfortable and even, now and then, take a short walk on the wild side. 

Have a look at some of the great outfits we chose.

BTW – We have just received a big shipment of Sympli in sizes 16 and up.

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On the same day we photographed Judith photos on of our  youngest fans, Dana Stoffer came back to the store to see what was new. She personifies the early bloom of beauty.

Here she is in vegan leather dress by Mink Pink and one of our hats

Here she is in vegan leather dress by Mink Pink and one of our hats

Dana's wearing a sleek little Groupe JS dress.

Dana’s wearing a sleek little Groupe JS dress.

Dana and her friend Tayor DeCoste visit the store regularly and started their own blog  on Fashion, Beauty and Photography  http://clinquantly.tumblr.com/ Really good work guys!

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Our philosophy is to absolutely respect our clientele and bring you the best of what fashion has to offer. Just because we’re in a small town in rural Nova Scotia doesn’t mean we can’t compete with the best. We have been told time and time again that Aphrodite could be in New York, Toronto, Montreal – any great city on the continent. So we’re making Antigonish just a bit better by being here – and letting our visitors know that the women in this town know fashion. Here’s a synopsis of what we are offering this fall.

Let’s start with some news about our jewellery makers:

Renowned jeweller from Tracadie – Clare Bridge, just won a major award in Nova Scotia.  On Thursday, September 27, a piece of Clare Bridge’s one-of-a-kind jewellery won the NSDCC JUROR’S AWARD, for the PEACEWORK show at the Mary E.Black Gallery in Halifax.

Clare’s hand-forged sterling silver, bronze, steel, and enamel necklace, titled: “Nelson’s neckpeace”, was amongst 16 chosen artists, representing a variety of mediums. Clare also won the JUROR’S AWARD for the TITANICA show at the Mary E.Black Gallery, in August 2012.

Nelson's neckpeace.LR

Clare’s jewellery is inspired by organic textures and designs, which can clearly be identified in the two winning pieces, along with her other jewellery creations that we offer at Aphrodite. The PEACEWORK exhibit runs through November 9, 2014; a must see!

We have a new collection called Meto from a Quebec based jeweller named Jaques Bastien. His works are classic in nature but always with a twist – for those who are more subtle about their sense of design.

Did you know we are now carrying the works of our local girl Sarah Sears? She completed her studies at NSCAD University, apprenticed in New York and has launched into her own collection of exquisite designs – many of them featuring tea cups.

Sarah Sears 2014

The jewellery gallery continues to feature the finest artisinal works from Ayala Bar, Karley Smith, TwoA, Suzanne Squires, The Barbers Daughters, Dorothee Rosen, Liquid Metal, Brave Leather, Tori XO and Julita Nasczk.

Our Fall Collections

Sandwich (Amsterdam) never fails to please with its striking colour groupings and always beautiful surprises in the stitching and general architecture. The price points are excellent and the fit is perfect.

Sandwich Fall 2014



Last year we launched Tonia Debellis, a wonderful line of jackets and tunics made in Canada. It sold out in weeks and this year we just received our shipment last week and half of it is gone. Why? Because it flatters your figure and makes you look awesome regardless of size.

Tonia Debellis at TIFF

Tonia Debellis at TIFF

On my buying trip to Montreal last spring I discovered some new collections that have now arrived at Aphrodite for the first time. I was simply blown over by the incredible sense of design and structure and the impeccable fabrics originating in Germany from Set. 



From Amsterdam, 10 Days  is another edgy and adventurous line that we have for the first time at Aphrodite. Their high collared turtlenecks and slouchy sweatpants add a whole new dimension to casual fashion. 

10 Days

10 Days

Luisa Cerano from Italy is about as luxurious a line of knits that can be found anywhere. Recommended by some of our most cosmopolitan customers, we took a chance and have brought it to Antigonish.

Luisa Cerano

Luisa Cerano

Sarah Pacini

I have come to know that she is one of the most creative designers on this planet. The new collection is structurally perfect. She is to fashion what Frank Gehry is to architecture. This season she has launched a pair of pants like nothing I could have ever imagined. I just shake my head and ask where does this genius come from.

W14_LOOK020_A W14_LOOK002_AW14_LOOK018_A

In Toronto I had a look at a new line for us called Mado from France and was simply seduced into bringing it to you. They do some tunic tops (to wear with leggings) that are simply sensational – and check out their great black and ivory lace skirt.

An old favourite with a new twist is  Simon Chang.  There’s some serious glam going on in that collection this fall.

Spanner – another Canadian line – has never looked better so we have a full collection of the best casual wear in colours that change the winter spectrum.

Inspired Style by Spanner

Inspired Style by Spanner

Inspired Style by Spanner

If you have a special occasion coming up – glittery, or just plain classic chic –we have our favourites from Groupe JS and Joseph Ribkoff as well as pieces from the collections we have already mentioned. BUT we did bring in another gorgeous new line called Adrianna  Pappel. Red lace anyone? It’s all sooo pretty.

Groupe Js

Groupe Js

Aventures Des Toiles has reappeared at Aphrodite in the most exquisite designs – some of you may recall that the whole line is inspired by commissioned artworks that are profiled with each piece. We have up to size 16 in tunics and dresses from this collection. Pure art!

We have also received some terrific cheap and chic pieces from Mink Pink – gorgeous flirty little dresses for under $100, lacy tops. Leather look skirts, Beetlejuice blazers and totally funky/ chunky sweaters.

Angel Eye Mink Pink 2014       Hue leggings Kooi

Hue Leggings never fail to surprise. This season we have new shapes like the Moto pant with reinforced knees and zipper detailing as well as serpent print metallic jean type legging that have been so hot across the continent that reorders are not possible. You snooze you lose. All at $65 or under. The ultimate legging is by Kooi – bright paisley blues and reds not for the faint of heart. Their sweater coats are transformative.

The Aphrodite Goddess Plus Boutique

(sizes 16 and up)

is evolving with more colours and sensational shapes from Sympli.  Teal blue, eggplant, silver and charcoal, RED…..You will be dazzled and bedazzled!

Sympli colourful coordinates in Goddess plus sizes.

Sympli colourful coordinates in Goddess plus sizes.


Rock and Karma

We found another very wild collection for the fashion adventure seekers in Goddess Plus sizes called Rock and Karma. Designed by Toronto-based sisters Naomi and Devorah Shapiro, Rock ‘N Karma is known for its colorful and original hand-painted designs. The design duo’s philosophy is to create a high quality fun-loving clothing line that appeals to women of various ages and sizes.

Luisa Cerano is appearing in that group as are many of the Spanner styles plus a few other surprises.

No matter your size – you will not be disappointed at Aphrodite.

Jeans lovers will be please to shimmie into the new Yoga Jeans just arrived AND we have a great surprise for you. Remember the makers of Yummie Tummie – the best body shapers on the continent. We swear by them at the store. Whellll… the genius behind the brand, Heather Thompson has designed a new collection of jeans that sent us into shock and awe. It’s so good they have patented aspects of the fit. That collection will arrive within the month.

Periphery from Toronto came and almost went in a matter of weeks. We still have some amazing shapes but they won’t last. Proof positive that our women care about quality and style above all else!


La Marque – formerly Bod and Christiansen, is known for their superb work in leather. This week you will see what it was that took my breath away. Leather and knit body hugging jackets, vests and the ultimate legging – in black leather!


This is a good segue to tell you about the Mallia coats that will also appear this week. Mallia is made in Canada from the finest woollens imported from Italy. (You’ll be happy to know that we still have some stock from last year at discounted prices).

We only buy in small numbers because we don’t want to flood our market with too much of one thing. But our stock is always rotating and while favourites are making their exit new ones are taking their place. October is the hot month for deliveries so make sure you get here for the best selections.

I know… I know – all this talk about fashion seems so trivial when the world is in such a sad and sorry state and we’re all worried about war and politics and disease. It’s been a tough year for all of us.  But does that mean we should we stop eating healthy, exercising and taking care of ourselves? Life goes on and we’ve only got one crack at it. Care… but just be your best! That’s my new motto. That and Nerves of Steel. 


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