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When my son Reyn was at Wilfrid Laurier University he travelled to Kathmandu to work in a children’s orphanage for several months. During that time he formed a strong bond with the owner Laxman Shresta and the children. He’s been been back several times over the last decade – and has arranged for other students to follow – one of them from Antigonish. In fact Laxman even came to Canada to speak to the Laurier students about the importance of development work abroad and ventured to our home here.



Now of course, we are all filled with concern about the awful disaster in Nepal. Fortunately the children escaped injury but you can imagine the challenges ahead of them.  We have started a small collection here at Aphrodite. The funds will go directly to the home via my son who has been making contributions over the years. We’d be grateful for any donation you could make – even a dollar is good. Every donation will be acknowledged by Laxman and the Lotus Home.

Here is today’s report that Reyn posted on his Facebook page:

An update from Nepal: I spoke to Laxman and his son Alson yesterday evening Nepali time. The situation is still dire but they are holding out alright for now. Ncell, one of the main telecom providers in Nepal, have built a temporary cell tower in the middle of Kathmandu so that there is some intermittent service in some areas. However, batteries are draining given the lack of electricity, so I am not sure how much longer we will be able to communicate directly.

The Lotus Children’s Home, like many others in Nepal were outside overnight for the third night in a row in fear of aftershocks. They still haven’t been inside the home for fear of collapse but Laxman was able to get some plastic covering yesterday to build a makeshift shelter against the rain. While the status of the Lotus Home building is still unknown, the worst of the earthquake seems to be over, although the danger is still present given the weak build-quality and subsequent aftershocks could lead to collapse at any time. For those of you familiar with similar earthquakes in Haiti and Kashmir, one of the most pressing problems will be sanitation. As Kathmandu never had a fully functioning running water system to begin with, the need for fresh and clean water will be critical.

The immediate needs of the people of Nepal will soon give way to the long-term rebuilding efforts. The city and country is absolutely devastated; I can not understate this enough. There are still many regions and villages that have not made contact with the outside world since the quake happened on Saturday afternoon so the extent of the damage is still unknown but it is not looking good. I appeal to my friends and family who can help to send any funds to help in the crisis.

You can donate to the Lotus Home by contacting me or by directly sending money to their PayPal account at laxman_stha@hotmail.com and sending as family/friends option.

If you are interested to donate to the direct relief efforts in Nepal, I recommend donating to the Red Cross. There is always the question of corruption, but I can assure you that donating to the Red Cross will ensure that your money will be used by an effective relief organization and not squandered in the pockets of corrupt individuals. You can donate to the Red Cross by going to their website here linked below.

Any small measure of help can make a big difference!


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In my last post I wrote about the legendary Lisette pants made in Montreal and endorsed by Oprah among a host of other celebrities. Here’s what happened since. I had ordered 36 pair that arrived a week last Friday. I chided myself for ordering way too many pants all at once – who was going to buy them all? A week later we had only 6 pair left. Practically everyone who tried them on said WOW! and bought at least one pair. So I did another crazy thing and ordered 60 more. They arrived late yesterday – Tuesday. By the end of today – Wednesday, we have sold 15 pair.  Ladies, these pants really are amazing! Claudia, the writer and our staff member immediately bought a pair and said “it feels like two hands holding up my butt.” They slim your torso, elongate your legs and make you look ten pounds lighter. And they are super comfortable and easy to care for and travel with. We have them in sizes 2 – 16 in navy, beige, khaki, black, denim, white and dark red. Come in and give them a try. And if you love them they cost only $95.00. See the post below for the full back story.


But that’s not all. Just in time to complement those pants we received a gorgeous collection of tops by Leo Guy, Paris. They are pretty, colourful, feminine, and well priced – in a wide range of sizes.

3 14

A few new pieces from Sandwich have arrived as well as a sprinkling from a lovely new collection by Metallicus – brush strokes of impressionist colours on draped and sculptured silhouettes. And if you’re looking for jeans – we have a new group from Yoga along with the best fitting denim jackets I have seen.


Shop early for the best selection. We’re waiting for you!

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