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Late last January I read an article in the Globe and Mail titled A PERFECT FIT, How Oprah’s approval gave pants maker a leg up  I was preparing for my buying trip and quickly looked up the company in Montreal and made an appointment to see their line.  In February I saw the collection and placed an order for spring delivery. TODAY – Friday, April 10, my order arrived. Within an hour I had already sold three pair. Ladies, they really are amazing! Come in soon while we have your size and favourite colour. But not to worry we will order more very soon.

Here’s the best news of all. They cost less than $100!

Lisette Pants



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The Everlasting Feel of Summer

Gentle as a breeze, Sarah Pacini linen outfits bring the essence of summer to your wardrobe. For a contemporary look with an extra edge, combine the light sweaters of the season with our creative linen skirt pants. If you prefer the more relaxed and timeless style, pair your favourite Sarah Pacini linen jackets and pants or skirts.

Sarah Pacini Spring 2015 1

SP Spring 4


An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle but never break. – Ancient Chinese Proverb

A captivating story about the journey through life, the legend of the Red Thread coming from the Middle Kingdom has and will never lose its meaning. Connected throughout time and place by the invisible Red Thread, we walk through life, destined to meet the people who will change our lives forever. Teaching us how to be stronger, the thread gives us the wisdom of time through every unexpected encounter we have.

 A serendipity, meant to enrich and prepare us for the future, the Red Thread that binds us will never break no matter what. Intertwined with the essence of a lifetime of discovery and the endless beauty in the touch of souls, the Red Thread is at the heart of this collection. Bringing life to endless possibilities, it connects each piece of this season in a natural harmony. Whether it is the waves or the knits, the Red Thread of Destiny unifies the Summer 2015 collection beautifully, highlighting every stitch, relief or texture. Embrace its mystery in the play of hide-and-seek between transparency, fluidity, colour contrast and opacity. Change your life forever.

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