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Feel that sun – it’s really happening! Time to bare your arms and legs – summer is around the corner. We felt like celebrating so our Sales Associate, Maria tried on a bunch of things and here’s how they looked on her. Quite lovely don’t you think? Now it’s your turn. Get ready for some stylin’ and some fun! Drop in on Victoria Day Monday because we will be open from 10 – 6.

Maria is wearing selections from Periphery, Grizas, Matthildur and Yoga Second Denim. For more detail view in slide show.

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Originating from Latvia, GRIZAS is a unique brand that specializes in natural fibers woven into beautifully interesting designs and textures. Their clothes feel good for their breathability and fit with a stand-out boho chic attitude. Today they are an international brand with a loyal customer base throughout Europe, Asia, Canada and the USA. Once again Aphrodite shops the world to bring great style and fashion to Nova Scotia.

A bit about natural fibers.

Many people wear natural fabrics mostly for ecological reasons, however natural fibers are characterized in breathability, temperature regulation, durability, water absorption and antimicrobial properties. GRIZAS brand offers a wide variety of natural fabrics incuding:

Linen – material made from the fibers of the flax plant. Main advantages: highly absorbent, good conductor of heat, easy care, strong fabric, unique antibacterial qualities, environmental filter, strongest energy of all fibers;
Silk – natural protein fiber obtained from cocoons made by the larvae of silkworms. Main advantages: most hypoallergenic, all-climate fabric, relatively robust and strong, washes easily and more;
Wool – natural fabric made of animal hair. Main advantages: breathability, temperature regulation and antimicrobial;
Cotton – soft usually white fibrous substance made from the cotton plant.

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