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I have news! Big news!

As many of you know I have a personal and professional connection to Northwest River in northern Labrador. In fact I’m here now – just flew in tonight. Monday night (October 23) the axis on the earth is going to shift a little bit as my dear friends Leander and Melinda Baikie are about to become reality TV show stars along with their son Collin and the staff and crew at their CRB Rebuild garage! 

At 10 pm Atlantic time, 9 pm Eastern time Discovery Television is launching a brand new show called LAST STOP GARAGE.

Have a look at the trailer and be sure to tune in. And then please send me your comments either via this bog or by emailing me at tpoder9@gmail.com. If for some reason you can’t tune it tomorrow then the show will be on again Thursday night at 9 pm Atlantic, 8 pm Eastern. We’re having a big community party up here Thursday night. I’ll be back at Aphrodite Friday to tell you all about it. It’s a crazy world! You never know what can happen to you! Melinda wears nothing else but Aphrodite….almost. 

BTW here’s the back story as told to the CBC:


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We love Thanksgiving weekend most of all when our babies come home to celebrate. My wonderful daughter Dana came from Toronto and had a great reunion with her best friend from J.H. Gillis High – Shelley MacDonald. If you haven’t heard already Shelley’s jewellery business in the Yukon reached new heights when Kate Middleton purchased her Ulu earrings last year during the Royals Canadian visit. We now have a full collection of Shelley’s work including the Ulu earrings.

Kate Middleton

Gorgeous fall collections are rolling in now – Aventure des Toiles, Lauren Vidal, InWear to name a few. It’s only going to get colder – and cozier. Get in the mood at Aphrodite!

Take a nice fall drive to Aphrodite on the shores of the town of Pictou. We’ll be waiting for you with the best of autumn colours and textures.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday – 11 am to 5 pm


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