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This weekend we will have a chocolate Easter egg hunt at Aphrodite. Find an egg and we will take 10% off the purchase price of anything you select including SALE items! And you can eat the chocolate!


Find yourself the perfect spring coat –  in beautiful spring colours from Soia and Kyo.


We are open Thursday and Saturday 11am to 5pm – and closed Good Friday.  Find us at 104 Front Street – a quick jog at the end of the main St – right then left – across the street and just beyond the Post Office. 902.485-9260. Check the CONTACT section for more details.



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I can’t help it – I love talking about the weather! I think about it all the time and I know my moods are affected by it. I’m not impervious to the state of the earth and the concerns we all have about our climate. I do feel trivial sometimes about blogging about the lighter side of it – the side that we go to when we allow ourselves to get excited about what we will wear to a special event or on a date.Saturday was such a big day on the planet when our amazing youth took to the streets to demand change. There I was blogging about our Spring Opening Event on the same day.  And I’m linking the blog to our Facebook page knowing about the data breach on our personal data that was sanctioned by Facebook. It’s hard to make sense of a world where the NRA is now cutting down the youth as if they are not developed enough to have an intelligent opinion on their very own future.

Despite all of this I remain an optimist believing that there’s fundamental good and beauty in our lives that ultimately seeps out of the rabbit fence of greed and evil that surrounds us. I have so much faith in our children!

Yes, in the face of this, fashion is trivial but the implications are far reaching with yet another strong political agenda around the garment industry. I’m mindful of the degradation and exploitation of workers in that industry and I do my best to avoid the companies and the countries that are most guilty of unethical practices. 

Like you, like me, we can try to do our best and stay up on news and events with an aim to stay informed in order to make informed decisions and choices. 

Yes, I want you to shop at Aphrodite – it’s an independent business in a small community that exists despite the shift to mega corporations and online purchasing. Maybe we’re an anachronism in today’s world but we might be doing some good by trying to hang on to the power of relationships among women. Ultimately there is good that comes out of building a little bit more confidence through the way we dress and the excitement of finding a little treasure to wear to some place special.  There’s nothing wrong with girls still having some fun is there? 

We’re open from Thursday to Saturday from 11am to 5pm. Find us at 104 Front Street in the town of Pictou – a short jog right and left at the end of the main drag and across from the old train station. You can call at 902.485-9260 and write to me at tpoder9@gmail.com.

And by the way, those of you who followed our story last year – our insurance company came through and acknowledged the event for the crime it was and not a civil matter – as the local RCMP declared, further attesting to my personal optimism. 

Now for some sunshine….





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