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The Dobson’s have opened the store and are selling our merchandise for 50% off everything requesting cash only payment. I am presently in Labrador and unable to get back to Antigonish until Monday. Unfortunately the RCMP cannot enforce any action because they say this is a civil matter. I am unable to get action from my lawyer until Monday.  All other agencies are closed as well until Monday. Meanwhile our store is being ransacked. Lisa Dobson has been seen trying on clothes for herself. The Dobson’s justify this because I withheld two weeks of rent while I waited for them to fix the persistent leak in our ceiling that was causing water damage to our merchandise. I have heard that they are telling the public now that I owe them $10,000. This is blatantly untrue (and slanderous). The amount is $1,825. to be exact.

Please do not support this action. Friends are already out there in front of the store taking photos and keeping an account of the goings on. If you would like to show your support it would be welcome.

Hopefully we should be back to normal on Tuesday when the lease reverts back to the Legion who are the owners of the building.

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