Farewell to Antigonish

Words cannot express my gratitude to the hundreds of customers and friends who came on Friday and Saturday to bid us farewell. We all felt so empowered by the love we felt through your hugs and tears and support. Thank you for the gifts and cards as well. We will miss this town!

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Here are some photos we managed to get on that busy day. I love the little human mannequins who modelled for us in the front hall. We still had a big romance with our fashions that day. Just look at that pretty retro floral dress on the lovely young woman who went home with it. And yes, men were allowed in too. I will really miss the eye candy that is Bernice in her daily masterpiece outfits. She has promised to work with us in Pictou! Linda’s humour and energy can never be replaced. So we’re taking her with us too! And how can I thank Tara enough for her staunch advocacy and generosity? She saved the day!

We bid farewell to the beautiful historic building that housed Aphrodite for almost six years. How wonderful to have a front lawn that brought us so much fun.

188 Lynne and Maria watch the festivities. And yes you will see them in Pictou too.

This is the end of an era. The start of a new!

Meanwhile, there’s much to do as we prepare our new digs and make all the necessary changes. Stay tuned – I will keep you posted. Plan to come and visit us this Saturday in Pictou. It will be our first day! Grand opening to follow.

The Olde Foundry: 104 Front Street, Pictou.

It’s a short jog down from the Main Street. At the end of the main street you’ll come to a stop sign. Turn right and then a quick left. The old train station is on the right. The Foundry is on the left. It’s a fabulous space! Come and see!

Well it’s been an interesting few days. Our lease was due to expire this December but was revoked by the Dobsons days before the Legion repatriated it. This month the Legion has privately sold the building to Antigonish mayor Laurie Boucher and her husband Jaques who would become the new owners of our lease.

Given the circumstances of late our business has been temporarily crippled from loss of sales due to our closure for inventory in order to assess the damages. A criminal investigation is now underway due to the breach of The Tenancies and Distress for Rent Act that outlines the legal procedures that must be followed if a landlord resorts to the seizure of property.

I asked our new landlords for a period of grace by means of a temporary reduction of rent while we regroup and recover but they have instructed the agents of the Legion to inform me that the terms of the lease are non-negotiable and that they would also require a deposit of a full months rent on top of the immediate payment of the monthly rent. We were given until August 5 to sign the lease and if we did not agree we have been asked to vacate the premises by August 9. We have no choice but to do so.

As a result we have one more weekend in Antigonish before we begin our move to Pictou. The store will re-open Friday, August 4 from noon until 6 pm. And we will be open all day Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm.

For our last days in Antigonish come and visit and enjoy our gift to you…


We begin our move to the town of Pictou on Sunday.

The new address for Aphrodite Art and Fashion is The Olde Foundry at 104 Front Street, Pictou. We will open for business there on Saturday, August 12, 2017. More good news to follow.

Come and see us this weekend and scoop up some great bargains on beautiful merchandise! Here’s how the store looks today….

Thank you to all of our amazing friends who have turned themselves inside out to advocate for me while I was away and to offer their help through this crazy time. And a big thanks to all of you who have shown your tremendous support through your comments and shares on social media. Facebook hits are over 35,000 now and blog hits are over 25,000. That’s a lot for a small business in a small community don’t you think? There’s a silver lining in every cloud!