Montreal in the Forecast

This is an unpredictable time of year – one day it’s summer – the next day it’s fall. What to wear? Try accessorizing a basic black or white sweater with a new piece from Christophe Poly under the Krono name or from the new Anne Marie Chagnon collection. Both are handmade in Montreal and surprisingly affordable.

New Fall lines are starting to arrive this week among them a sleek new grouping from celebrated Montreal designer Melissa Nepton. Why not make a trip to our new digs this weekend – we’re open Thursday through Saturday, 11 – 5.




Bernice, Gail, Lynne and Linda making a toast.


The Aphrodite Grand opening took place this past Saturday, August 26. From the moment we opened the doors at 10 am people started streaming in and they kept on coming right up until closing time – new customers – old friends – familiar faces and local dignitaries too, including Mayor Jim Ryan and his lovely wife Shawn.

We made up goodie bags for our customers and who could predict how many we would need? As it turned out – we gave the last one to the last customer of the day. Divine intervention? Maybe! We also had a draw at the end of the day and three customers each won $50. Gift Certificates. They are Lois Hoegg, Jacqueline Connors and Krista Schnare. Congratulations to the winners!

One of our signs on wheels went rogue and started travelling around the town. We finally retrieved it as it was approaching the Ship Hector. There’s so much to do in Pictou as we’re all finding out! Check out the tab on the top of the Aphrodite blog page VISIT PICTOU.

We love the positive energy in our new space and we can’t wait to start showing you our new Fall Collections that are beginning to arrive this upcoming week! 

Some shots from Saturday and a few from before…..

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This from the New Glasgow News Saturday…..


The move to Pictou has been such an adventure! I’m so grateful to so many friends who got down and gritty to help us with setting up the new space. We love you!

Thank you Pictou for such a warm and enthusiastic reception! We hope to serve you well for many years to come!

From the heart,

Tiiu Poder