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Featuring Clare Bridge

We are very fortunate in Antigonish and the surrounding region to have living among us an amazing roster of artists.  Among them is the metalsmith and jeweller Clare Bridge who in my estimation is one of the brightest stars among jewellers in Canada today. Her production is limited because each of her works is handmade by her and original in it’s design and inception. We at Aphrodite are among a handful of galleries that is privileged to carry her work.

Clare describes her work as inspired by the intrinsic forms, textures, and colors found in her coastal environment; first in Maine, now in Nova Scotia. Inherent in her designs are elements that echo ancient Norse shapes and symbols. Organic in style, her jewelry reflects the connection between land and sea. Working with silver and bronze, with gold and enamel embellishments, Clare hand-forges the fine metals, creating unique textures. The oxidation process is the final step; warming the fine metals tones, and enhancing the hammer’s hallmarks. Clare designs and fabricates each piece of jewelry by hand, creating functional wearable art, which celebrates an individual’s uniqueness.

“The sculptural and organic quality of each piece gives a true sense of the hands of the maker. The unique and sometimes hidden details of each piece are a lovely surprise and certainly contribute to a signature style.”

Jeffrey Cowling, Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council (NSDCC)

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